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The EC22N2-EC30LN2 series cushion tire lift truck is built to perform – providing optimum power, increased energy efficiency and a lower overall operating cost. These electric forklifts are the workhorse of many warehouse operations offering a clean and quite material handling equipment solution. 




MicroCommand AC Electrical System – Three motors help to maximize performance while minimizing energy consumption by perfectly matching the motor size to its applicable function - drive, hydraulics and steering.

Performance Modes – Five pre-programmed performance modes can be matched to the application, allowing operators to stay focused on the task at hand.


Presence Detection System – Activates when the operator does not fasten the seat belt during operation or leaves the normal operating position without activating the parking brake. Audible and visual indicators activate to increase the operator awareness.

Highly-Visible Orange Seat Belt – Helps to clearly see when the operators are wearing their seat belt.

Energy Efficiency

Regenerative Braking – Activated when the truck decelerates, changes directions, or service brakes are applied, this feature helps to return energy to the battery to help extend run times while also helping to extend service brake life.

Two-Stage Hydraulic System – Allows these cushion tire lift trucks to provide precise load handling, fast lift speeds and reduced energy consumption.


Seat-Side Hydraulic Levers – Allow the operator to control the hydraulic functions from an "arm rested" position.

Fingertip Direction Control – This electrical lever allows the operator to easily shift between forward and reverse without losing contact with the steering wheel.

Full-Suspension Vinyl Seat – Helps reduce shock and vibration. 

Total Cost of Ownership

Parallel Drive Motor-Axle Mounting – High torque transfer through the dedicated gearbox allows for greater power and better serviceability.

LED Front Work Lights – LED worklights burn longer and brighter as compared to traditional halogen or incandescent lights, resulting in significant maintenance savings over the long run. Lights are also covered under the standard warranty.

Pressure-Sensing Hydraulic Control Valve – Helps reduce heat and stress on the hydraulic components.



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