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3,900 - 5,500 lb. Capacity Electric Sit-Down Moving Mast Reach Trucks

The ETV/ETM 3 series of moving mast reach trucks has a compact design for greater maneuverability.




Featuring advanced 3-phase AC technology for superior drive, lift and steering, this Class 2 Moving Mast Reach Truck offers: 

  • Maximum ease of handling with intuitive control of the hydraulic lever and travel direction switch.


  • SOLO-PILOT control lever to ensure precise control of the travel/lifting functions by fingertips alone.


Patented mast-reach cushioning, with travel speed automatically reduced to crawl speed if the load is raised above the free-lift height.

Jungheinrich® Curve Control for advanced stability during cornering.

Truck performance software can be adjusted to meet your specific drive and hydraulic performance needs or limits.


Optional regenerative lowering feature reclaims electrical energy when lowering a load from higher heights.

AC Electric Power Steering provides improved energy efficiency.


The reach truck's spacious operator compartment combines comfort and functionality to improve operator efficiency.

  • 3-way adjustable full-suspension seat for maximum operator comfort.

  • Low-effort electric power steering for precise control with minimal effort.

  • The easy-to-read operator display panel keeps the operator informed of key performance indicators, such as battery charge level and performance modes.


The LCD operator display provides immediate feedback to both operator and technician allowing for faster maintenance repairs.

Three performance modes can be modified to suit any application thereby optimizing the forklift for application efficiency.