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The FGC35K-FGC70K LP/gas Class IV forklift truck series meets strict emissions standards, while the forklift’s engine continues to operate at top performance levels. Commonly used for handling bulk warehouse goods, paper products, and the loading or unloading of rail cars these lifts are have heavy lifting capacity with responsive handling. 




High-Performance, Low Emissions Engine – Designed for demanding conditions, the PSI 4X 4.3 liter V6 engine performs at top levels, while offering excellent fuel economy for greater savings. The forklift's engine has low emissions, meeting both the strict CARB and EPA emissions standards.

Short-Turning Radius – A shorter turning radius means operators can confidently turn in tight areas while helping to reduce damage to your facility and load.

LCD / LED Premium Display Panel – Operators have easy access to monitor critical systems in one central location. From the premium display panel, operators can easily monitor performance of vital lift truck functions and see indicators for things like engine coolant temperature, air cleaner service and transmission oil warnings.


Integrated Presence System – This standard feature helps ensure operators are in the proper operating position and, if they aren't, an audible buzzer will sound, an icon on the display will illuminate, and the forklift's powered travel and hydraulic functions will be locked out.


Adjustable Full-Suspension Vinyl Seat – Made by Grammer®, this seat helps reduce shock and vibration while optimizing comfort and productivity via the level of lumbar support, weight suspension and forward/backward adjustments.

Well-Designed Entry – With three strong contact points, operators can have confidence when they enter and exit a truck. The lift truck's elongated grab bar, low anti-slip entry step and steel hip restraint on the seat provide operators three secure contact points for entry and exit.


Customizable Design – Options and packages like the short turning radius and paper handling package will optimize the truck systems to suit your application.

Increased Flexibility – A wide variety of a la carte options offers added flexibility to customize a standard chassis to fit your application.