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Equipped with the high-performance Perkins® 854F 3.4L diesel engine, the DP70N1 is a diesel forklift that offers increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and a lower overall operating cost.  




Perkins® 854F Diesel Engine – This series is equipped with a Tier 4 Final, 3.4L in-line four-cylinder turbo diesel engine that is built to perform. The diesel engine offers 23% more fuel efficiency than the previous generation for greater cost savings.

Maintenance-Free Emissions System – The use of the truck's maintenance-free emissions system allows for EPA guideline requirements to be met.

Fuel Saver Mode – This diesel forklift can lower overall fuel costs by up to 14% without affecting top speed. 

Powershift Transmission – The transmission's torque converter is precisely matched to the engine to provide high levels of torque and a smooth ride.

LCD/LED Display – Operator can monitor all critical systems during operation to help reduce costs and the risk of excessive downtime.


Engine Protection System – Keeps operators up-to-speed on critical engine components (engine oil pressure, transmission fluid and coolant temperatures) through the LCD display.

Steel Frame – The forklift's steel frame is built tough, making it ideal for hardworking applications.


Easy Access To Engine – This forklift features a rear-hinged engine hood for quick and easy access to critical engine components for routine maintenance. No tools are required to access the compartment, allowing for greater up-time.

Extended 500-Hour Service Intervals – Increase valuable operating time with less downtime for maintenance.


Presence Detection System (PDS) – Electronically discontinue powered-travel movement and activation of load-handling functions with help from the PDS for added operator awareness.

Orange Anti-Cinch Seat Belt – Check for correct seat belt placement at a glance - near or far - with the bright orange color.

Forward LED Worklights – Selected for their brightness and longevity, LED worklights result in maintenance savings for your forklift. Our standard warranty covers worklights.


Full-Suspension Vinyl Seat – Provides a comfortable ride for operators of varying sizes. Optional features, such as a swivel seat and rear grab handle with horn button, can also be selected for greater comfort in high-shuttle applications.

Less Noise, Less Vibration – The forklift is equipped with key features, such as a fully-insulated engine hood and rubber mounted components, to help decrease noise and vibration.

Fully Hydrostatic Steering System – Lessen steering effort and increase maneuverability with an all-in-one fully hydrostatic steering system.

Easy-To-Reach Fingertip Controls In An Adjustable Armrest (Optional) – Access multiple functions and precise controls while experiencing outstanding comfort throughout the workday.




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