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Affordable and lightweight with lifting capacities ranging from 3,000* to 5,500* pounds, Donkey Forklifts have the lightest ride-on weight of almost any piggyback forklift on the market. Driven by powerful Kubota engines and GM transmissions Donkey Forklifts are capable of reaching speeds of up to 15 mph for greatly improved delivery times for those really long hauls. These are highly maneuverable machines, with all wheel drive options, and rugged design features. Perfect for delivering building materials, bulk recycle products, industrial gases, sod, agricultural use, and more. 

Learn about key specifications below when deciding how to build your Donkey truck mounted forklift. 


*Lifting capacity varies based on equipment options.


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Choosing the right capacity can save weight, wear and tear on your truck, lower upfront equipment costs, and increase payloads. 



The right powertrain is important. Donkey offers Kubota gas and diesel engines options, which are paired with GM transmissions. 


Consider your product and delivery environment when choosing a mast.  Do you double stack loads, or have a need to enter areas with low clearance heights?

Single stage masts equal lower cost, require less maintenance and are lighter weight.   Two stage masts can lift higher and have lower overall operating heights.


Longer reach on your forklift can increase ease of use, it also can de-rate your load capacity. Determine your needs based on typical load size, truck bed width, and operating environment. 


A unique feature of the Donkey is the ability to set it up with the best load spacing for your product. Keep it narrow to fit through tight spaces or make it wide to accept larger products or pallets. 


Choose tires to suit your ground conditions. The Donkey is available with a variety of tire widths and tread styles  some of which are skid steer, turf or terra. Foam filled tires are another options as well. 





Side shift is standard equipment on the Donkey. There is a total of 4″ of side shift, which equates to 2″ on either side of center. This feature saves time when positioning loads. 

headboard width

Headboard width can be maximized to fit your load spacing. Wide loads generally mean wider pallets so spread your forks for the most stable set up


Donkey truck mounted forklifts have a 15 MPH maximum travel speed. Weight and turning radius vary by model and options. These truck mounted forklifts are designed for rugged use, ease of maintenance, and offer superior performance and value. 

Models & Options

Models & Options

Donkey Forklift Models and Specification
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