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Donkey Forklifts

Donkey Forklifts are revolutionary, lightweight, and powerful truck mounted forklifts. Due to their low operating weight and a dependable mounting system, your delivery trucks can carry more products, increasing your profit with every truckload.  The Donkey Forklift dismounts and is at work in under 30 seconds. Smart backup alarms, strobe lights, a salt corrosion package, safety training manual and safety video are all standard features when you purchase a Donkey Forklift.

Donkey Forklifts are proudly MADE IN THE USA


Easy to Maintain & Easy to Operate

Affordable and lightweight with lifting capacities ranging from 3,000* to 5,500* pounds, Donkey Forklifts have the lightest ride-on weight of almost any piggyback forklift on the market.


Donkey truck mounted forklifts have a 15 MPH maximum travel speed. Weight and turning radius vary by model and options. These truck mounted forklifts are designed for rugged use, ease of maintenance, and offer superior performance and value. Perfect for delivering building materials, bulk recycled products, industrial gases, sod, agricultural use, and more.


Choose tires to suit your ground conditions. The Donkey is available with a variety of tire widths and tread styles some of which are skid steer, turf, or terra. Foam filled tires are another option as well.

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