Forklift Attachments

Intermountain Lift Truck offers high quality forklift attachments, replacement forks, fork extensions, and specialty equipment for the handling of all goods and materials. From your standard forklift sideshifter attachment to a specialty paper roll clamp that rotates we can help. These attachments are mounted to your forklift and use hydraulic power to operate. We will work with you to understand your current equipment and operational needs to recommend the correct attachment for your business. 


We also offer replacement parts, maintenance service, and repairs for all your forklift attachments. 

Hook Style Forks
Hook Style Forks - ITA Class II - 48 inch length.
Intermountain Lift Truck stocks many sizes and lengths of forks locally.
Fork Extensions
Forklift extensions are available in 72, 84, and 96 inch lengths. Custom sizes also available.
Rightline Hang On Sideshift
Attaches to the existing carriage on your forklift and is operated hydraulically. Allows you to shift the load from side to side for quicker handling time of material.
Rightline Multiple Pallet Handler
Often used in bottling, manufacturing facilities, or warehouse/shipping industries. You can handle a single pallet, or spread the forks hydraulically to handle multiple pallets side by side.
Rightline Bale Clamp
Forklift Bale Clamps are used to handle nearly any type of baled product including cotton, flax, wool, synthetic textile fibers, hay, and rags.
Rightline Carton Clamp
Carton clamps are recommended for pallet-less handling of fragile items or multiple case unit loads. The rubber-faced articulated contact pads distribute clamping force for positive grip and to prevent damage.
Cascade Rotator Attachment
A forklift rotator adds 360° revolving motion, in both directions, to your forklift forks. They are used in food processing and manufacturing for inverting and dumping loads.
Cascade Paper Roll Clamp
Paper roll clamps allow for damage free roll handling with maximum efficiency. For paper roll handling of every size, in industries from paper mills, warehouses, newspaper publishing plants, and more.
Cascade Push/Pull Attachment
This forklift attachment allows you to ship and receive unit loads on inexpensive slip sheets rather than pallets. Products typically handled with a push/pull include bagged products such as seed, agricultural products and cement; cased food, electronics, and bottled beverages.
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Fork Extensions

Forklift extensions are available in 72, 84, and 96 inch lengths. Custom sizes also available.