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Consistent, recurring internal transport tasks are ideally suited for automation. By using the Jungheinrich Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS), we can help provide the foundation for enhanced efficiency and optimized processes in your business. This foundation allows for reallocation of workloads. Industry leading technology, desirable performance and a high level of safety is why Intermountain Lift Truck and Jungheinrich are your perfect partners for the planning and implementation of AGVS.


Internal transportation processes are unique to every environment – including yours. Our specialists will work with you to provide a solution customized to your warehouse needs, helping to speed-up process times, reduce damages in transit and increase safety.

Proven Track Record

The unknown can be intimidating. New companies with new technology can be unreliable. Leveraging more than 60 years of technologically-advanced forklift design experience, and more than 55 years of automation experience, Jungheinrich has the expertise we rely on to help develop and define the right automation solution for you our customer.

Flexible Implementation

Are you worried that the AGVS solution can’t be integrated into your warehouse? Jungheinrich has created three solutions to fit your operational needs.

·  Stand-Alone System

·  Stand-Alone "Plus" System

·  Connected System