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3,000 - 4,500 lb. Capacity

36 Volt Electric Reach Truck Forklift

The ETR pantograph reach truck forklift series runs two shifts on one battery charge, guaranteed, allowing your operators to maximize their workday. Available in single and deep reach models this electric reach truck is an excellent performer for warehouse customers. 




Powerful Jungheinrich® 3-phase AC technology is proven to provide rapid acceleration, precise speed control, smooth directional changes and energy reclamation during braking. 

One of the fastest in the industry, the reach truck's hydraulic system reaches a lifting speed of up to 160 feet per minute with fork heights reaching up to 450 inches.


Dual floorboard pedal system helps to reduce risk by requiring the operator to be in the normal operating position to activate drive or hydraulic functions.

When forks are raised above the mast freelift stage, travel speed slows.


Due to the advanced AC electric control system, energy management is maximized.

The ETR reach truck series is built for efficiency and is guaranteed to run two shifts on one battery charge – allowing your operators to get the most out of their workday.


The spacious operator compartment combines comfort and functionality to improve operator efficiency.

Intuitive multifunction control handle offers simultaneous control of the drive, lift, lower and auxiliary hydraulic functions.

Location of forklift operator controls allows for flexible side stance position within the reach truck compartment.

Anti-fatigue floor mat and generous padding for knees, hips, back and armrest.

Low-effort electric power steering for precise control with minimal effort.


Experierience low energy consumption, longer run times and powerful acceleration with advanced AC technology.

Ensure reliable forklift operation over the long-term with sealed components protected to IP54 standards, helping to safeguard against dust and moisture.

AC motors are designed for longevity, featuring no carbon brushes to eliminate the cost of replacement parts and related service.

Durable design, with heavy-duty mast and rollers, is designed to meet the needs of your tough applications, protecting your investment.




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