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2,200 - 3,000 lb. Capacity Electric Mid- To High-Level Order Pickers

The EKS 208/308 order picker forklifts - guaranteed to run two shifts on one battery charge - offer high picking performance in high-rack warehouse applications.




Simultaneous control operation allows the order picker to reach the next pick location faster.

Higher residual capacities increase operational and slotting flexibility.

This order picker runs two shifts on one battery charge. And with up to 1,000 hour service intervals, your trucks stay on the job longer.

Optional warehouse navigation system optimizes truck movement and provides automatic vertical and horizontal truck positioning.


The sturdy mast design and mast supports limits the mast on this high level order picker from swaying at high heights.

A full-body harness and shock-absorbing tether help protect the operator when working at high heights.

Emergency lowering brings the operator to the ground, should the truck become disabled while the mast is raised.


Double benefit of energy regeneration – when braking and when lowering – and effective energy management.

These order picker machines operate for two full shifts on one battery charge in a typical application.

Exclusive 48 volt electrical configuration consumes less energy and yields higher efficiency.


Superior truck stability and virtually no mast sway at high lift heights lead to greater operator confidence.

Independent, height-adjustable control panels put the controls at the optimum level for each operator.

The optional auxiliary mast allows the operator to place picks at a comfortable height without bending.


This high level order picker is designed for simultaneous operation of drive as well as lift and lower operations.

Hydraulics are connected for minimal circuit loss and increased motor efficiency. 

Next generation AC motors are designed for durability and feature no wear-susceptible components, like carbon brushes, to maintain. 

Judit service tools allow Jungheinrich technicians to quickly assess key truck functions and performance for faster service and maintenance. 

Extended 1,000-hour service intervals reduce the need for routine maintenance, further lowering costs.




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