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Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks

Designed to deliver longer run times, Mitsubishi lift trucks are ideal for many warehouse needs. From moving fuel to electric goods to food, and more. All backed by an industry-leading parts program to keep your lift trucks running at peak productivity. From food production, narrow aisle warehouses, lumber yards, or industrial production environments, Mitsubishi forklifts are the right choice.


Mitsubishi forklift trucks are designed to meet safety requirements, high productivity, ease of maintenance, and operator comfort. Enhanced efficiency, responsive acceleration, and maximum power are built into every forklift.

Electric Counterbalance Lift Trucks

Electric Lift Trucks

The Mitsubishi 3- and 4-wheel electric cushion tire forklift series have a comfortable operator compartment with advanced AC motor and optimized visibility.

Adaptability is key with the 6,000 – 8,000 lbs. capacity electric end rider pallet truck series, making it the prime solution for a wide variety of applications where you need to move more pallets in less time. Available with various fork lengths, power steering, strobe light, and battery options customized towards your operations.


The 3,000 lbs. capacity high-level electric order picker forklift offers exceptional travel, lift and lower speeds through advanced 3-phase AC technology.

Internal Combustion Lift Trucks

Propane Lift Trucks

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks offers a wide range of reliable LP gas warehouse forklifts designed to help you get the job done.


Quality components and easy maintenance give the 3,000 – 6,500 lbs. capacity internal combustion cushion tire forklift series the strength to perform shift after shift.


The 7,000 – 15,500 lbs. capacity internal combustion cushion tire forklift series meets strict emissions standards, while the forklift’s engine continues to operate at top performance levels. Commonly used for handling bulk warehouse goods, paper products, and the loading or unloading of rail cars, these lifts are have heavy lifting capacity with responsive handling.

Diesel Lift Trucks

Diesel Lift Trucks

Take advantage of the versatility these Mitsubishi forklift trucks offer. Built tough and at an exceptional value, these reliable tire forklifts can be used in a wide range of applications from brick to lumber.


The heavy duty 15,500 lbs. capacity and 22,000 – 36,000 lbs. capacity internal combustion diesel pneumatic tire forklifts deliver the power and performance needed for the most demanding

material handling applications.

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